The Tonsil brand develops its operation, using all funds available for new projects and performance of innovative ideas. This is possible due to the appropriate technical staff the knowledge of whom has resulted in the strong position of the company as well as the group of young employees who have enriched the production line with new technologically advanced elements. The loudspeaker producer, Tonsil company, is pleased to present the full offer of products of this top brand. Our catalogue includes, among other things, subwoofers, midwoofers, tweeters, dome and horn loudspeakers as well as telecom inserts, microphones, amplifiers, ceiling loudspeakers, horns and portable sets. Preparing the new offer, we considered the latest technological achievements.Or products can compete with the loudspeakers of the most known western manufacturers. The Tonsil brand is tradition backed with innovation. It is worth to rely on the classical form, it is worth to choose the Tonsil’s offer. The work of the designers and engineers allows us to provide products standing out on the shelves due to their modern style. Tonsil makes great impression not only due to the style and design, but mainly due to the perfect sound quality and functionality of the equipment. The full range of loudspeakers (tweeters, midwoofers and subwoofers) as well the Tonsil loudspeaker sets - timeless quality, style and sound.