The quality of the speakers and the speakers sets are the absolute priority for us, therefore the parameters of all the products at the stage of construction are measured in the anechoic chamber.
Due to the long –term cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, all the electroacoustic measurements are performed in the anechoic chamber, which is situated in the Institute of Acoustics of the University.


Our new constructions are consulted and supervised by the management of the Acoustics University – prof. Rufin Makarewicz and dr Tomasz Kaczmarek.
The long term and pernament cooperation lets the researchers and UAM students learn about widely understood electro acoustics , starting from the design, production and final stages -finished column.

The measurements are performed in UAM anechoic chamber using our own B&K company equipment, the best audio measurement company in the world. Due to these measurements the customer has the access to clear and true electroacoustic parameters of the products. The UAM anechoic chamber is now the best such chamber in Poland and it has got the appropriate certificates.