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Siesta Front

The design of the new Siesta series allows to receive a very neutral and coherent sound with an affordable price. They have been designed in d’Appolito configuration. The scrupulously designed crossover allows to obtain an ideal phase compatibility in the band of converter cooperation and as a result it is able to gain a very coherent and neutral sound, providing perfect acoustic scene. The sets use the new version of the tweeter where a textile cone is installed as well as a very light aluminum coil and a magnetic circuit with increased induction in the slit. The subwoofer is a new version with ventilated magnetic system. The glass fiber cone allows to obtain precise and fast sound, however it requires a very well designed crossover. The column sound is vivid, carrying, with energetic bass.                                                                    

Avaliable colours





Rated power 
Maximum power 
Dimentions [W x H x D]
100 W
200 W
6 Ω
45 - 25 000 Hz
89 dB
200x1200x240 mm
20 kg
2 x GDN15/40/5 8Ω  
GDWK 10/80/26 8Ω  
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