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ZGSU 60x60 - without a transformer

Has a possibility of assemble on walls and suspended ceilings. Speakers are made to work in places like hospitals, shops, supermarkets etc. We recommennd using a subwoofer in order to increase the low tone range.

  • A two way speaker
  • Square protection frame
  • 165mm subwoofer
  • 13 mm tweeter
  • Made comletely out of artificial components
8 Ohm
Rated power 50 W  RMS  100W max
Bandwidth 50 - 20 000 Hz
Efficiency 90dB/1W,1m
Dimensions 240x240x82 mm
Assemble hole 204x204 mm
Maximal ceiling thickness 35 mm
Work temperature od 10 do 40 st. C
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