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MA 7040 - four zonecentral unit

The amplifier was specially designed for standard broadcasting systems. The differentiated speaker outputs allow to connect speakers in many variations.
The speakers can be connected to four zones with independent volume control. The microphones and line outputs devices can be connected with the amplifier. The signals from the individual inputs can be mixed with one another or can be independently send to chosen zones. There is also an additional line input for alarm communicators. The separate switch allows to address this input to chosen zones. The signals’ monitoring from the individual zones are done with headphones or listening monitor usage. The zones’ signals can be sent to another amplifier or a recorder.


Technical parameters:
• 4 x 40WRMS / 100V, oraz tryb 4/8 ohm
• Ideal power usage and firm circuits of speakers protection due to a built-in limiter
• Three microphone/line inputs, combo plugs
• Two stereo, line inputs, RCA sockets
• Each input channel with a control input, double tone control, mute button, zones’ switches

• Microphone inputs with Phantom 15V power
• Switchable priority function for 1-3 channels
• Independent call inputs, to all zones
• Four individually controlled zones
• Zones’ outputs and monitor outputs for another amplifiers or recorders
• Connector of monitor speakers
• Volume control, control indicator
• Controlled headphones’ output
• Fan controlled by thermost
• THD < 0,5 %
• S/N > 60 dB Line, 55 dB Mic
• Bandwidth 50 - 17 000 Hz / - 3 dB
• Dimensions 483 x 132 x 310 mm
• Power supply 230V


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