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MR 1420 - multiroom system

MRS 1310 system is a complete solution for multi rooms, homes, offices and guesthouses. It enables to spread the sound of 8 stereophonic zones with a high quality  HiFi sound with four music channels. In comparison to competitors our system has got signal sources – DVD, SD, USB, MP3 AM/FM tuner and AUX input. One amplifier provide distribution, strengthening of the whole system.



Description :
• Complete multi room set – 8 HiFi sound stereo zones
• Central amplifier that plays from 4 different sources, reinforce and directs to eight outputs. Comfortable control with wall panels.
• Set consists : central amplifier, 8 wall panels with a touch screen, two infrared remote controls, 1 infrared remote control for central amplifier and a connection panel
• Four sources of signal, 8 zones, stereo output
• High quality HiFi sound, incomparably better than 100V system
• 4 – channel enables to play four musical channels at the same time: DVD, tuner, MP3, AUX

• wysokiej jakości dźwięk HiFi nieporównywalnie lepszy od systemu 100 V
• 4 kanałowy - umożliwiający odtwarzanie w tym samym czasie 4 kanałów muzycznych czyli DVD, tuner, MP3, AUX

Output power:
• Built- in amplifier for 8 stereophonic zones 1 x 50 W RMS + 7 x 15 W RMS
• Loading impedance min. 8ohm
• Entire amplifier power 310 W RMS
• Built- in subsonic filter, limiter, soft- start
• Power saving mode, if neither of the output channels work, the system automatically goes to sleep mode with power consumption only 5vW

Amplifier equipment:
• Built – in DVD player with different video formats
• Video output at the back panel of amplifier
• USB memory socket up to 4 GB
• Memory cards’ socket SD up to 4 GB
• Built – in FM/AM tuner
• 1 AUX output for other stereo devices connection, 2×RCa (Cinch) connector
• Full support for playing MP3 files from DVD, USB and SD
• Possibility of random playing and repetition ( four modes)

• There are 8 wall controlling panels with 2,4 color touch screen in a set. Due to them the user chooses music channels (DVD, Tuner, MP3, AUX), controls the volume, changes tones, chooses trucks, MP3 files, chooses the radio stations
• On the screen there are displayed: the number of trucks, the music channel (source), the time of the tuck, the volume, the corrector’s settings ( basses, sopranos), the room temperature, time
• Multilingual menu, English is a default language
• Mute zone mode at wall panel
• Time(date/time) displayed mode
• Possibility to program 99 events in every day for every day of the week system. Change of playing modes, the switching off can be entirely automatic
• Two infrared remote controls. The trucks and sources of signals change can be made at the wall panel well as with a remote control usage. The remote control range 20m
• MRS 1310 can be connected through RS232 to intelligent home systems or “intelligent home” lightening systems, heating, power consumption, security etc.)

• Easy connection with 2× loudspeaker adapter (stereo, a pair of speakers, recommended speaker recommended cross section 1,5 or 2,5mm2) and with the UTP CAT 4/5/6 wire ( controlling data)
• The controller range up to 100m from the amplifier ( controlling data distortions resistant )
• Recommended a high quality speakers ( ceiling or wall ones with Kevlar cone e.g. RP 122, RP 81×81, RP 81×111)
• Recommended for home, flats, companies or guest homes sound systems .

• Input sensitivity AUX 0,775V/0 dBu
• Bandwidth 20 - 20000 Hz / ± 3 dB
• Space S/N > 80 dB
• TDH distortions < 0,01%
• Attenuation factor 500
• Ramp rate 70V/ms
• Tuner tunning range AM 522-1 611 kHz, FM 87-108 MHz
• Cooling with regulated fan
• Work temperature-15 °C - 40 °C
• Full outputs security
• Voltage 230 V AC/50Hz
• Power consumption 400 W with a full power/ 5 W in sleep mode
• Amplifier dimensions 430 × 132 × 380 mm
• Weight 14,5 kg


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