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MBD 890 - wireless microphone

 The new model of the wireless microphone. It has a great value of a high quality sound transmission, it is also equipped  with a dynamic insert( hand microphone) and refined systems of a transmitter and a receiver. There is also a compressor, an expander, two noise gates and a frequency choice of 160 channels. It provides easy pairing transmitter with receiver using the infrared. The microphone works in UHF 650-675 MHz bandwidth; true diversity. The cooperation is controlled by the microprocessor. The microphone receiver is comfortably equipped with an easy menu displayed on the LCD screen as well as on small LCD displayers placed in receivers. There are other functions: you can mute your microphone, scan the band, there is a digital sound control, squelch, battery charge level and LED indicator. The microphones have CE certificates and comply with the URTiP requirements.

The receiver

• true diversity UHF
• infrared transmitter for easy pairing with microphone receiver
• indicator of sound level, audio signal, battery charge level, channel, group and frequency
• backlit LCD displayer changes its color while pairing with the transmitter
• backlit buttons
• new design of the brushed aluminum front panel
• bandwidth scan mode
• digital tuning, 160 frequencies divided into 10 groups
• compressor, expander, two noise gates
• new generation receiver with high sensitivity
• digital transmission, ID triggering, lack of interference with other wireless microphones
• digital frequencies scanning
• XR balanced output and Jack 6,3 unbalanced
• Output level 165V balanced/ unbalanced
• Minimal load impedance –load down 1 kohm
• Digital setting of the output level
• Digital SQUELC setting
• Block of settings functions
• Use the 650-675Mhz bandwidth, divided into 160
• The total bandwidth 25Mz
• The audio transfer band 50-15.000Hz
• Stability of frequency +_ 0,005%
• Sensitivity of receiver – 105 dBm
• FM modulation (F3E)
• THD< 0,5%
• S/N> 105dB
• Infrared transmitter for pairing with microphone
• Switched off BNC aerials
• Work temperature 5-50 C
• Power 12-16DC/ 0,6 A ( power supply 230V/50Hz in a set)
• Metal transport suitcase
• Dimensions: 208*42(1V)*149mm
• Weight: 0,85kg.

Clip- on , lapel and headset microphones set.
• LCD highlighted displayer
• Battery charge level indicator, frequencies, the choice of channel and group on LCD displayer
• Digital control
• Hidden button of settings change
• Microphone sensitivity settings
• Output power settings
• Block of settings function
• Mute function
• Reception to 100m outside
• Output power: min. 10 mW, max 20 mW
• Audio bandwidth 50-15000 Hz/3 dB
• THD<0,5%
• S/N>105dB
• Infrared sensor for automatic regulation and receiver tuning
• Mini XLR3pin plug for microphone connection
• Possibility of line level signal or musical instruments
• Clip for clip-on microphone
• Batteries or rechargeable batteries 2* 1,5 AA
• Battery life >8h
• Dimensions 63*90*22




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