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MBD 780 - double wireless microphone

The wireless system works in UHF band, true diversity, FM modulation(F3E), there is a compounder and a noise gate, the choice of frequency work among 100 channels. The receiver with XRL balance outputs separately for every channel and unbalanced Jack 6,3- summing signals from both channels. The news is that synchronization of chosen channel between the transmitter and the receiver is based on the infrared. The microphones have the CE certificates and comply with URTiP requirements.

The receiver
• True diversity, UHF, 2 channels
• Infrared frequency synchronization
• Scan function
• Indicators 2* tuned to the transmitter, 2*audio signal, 2*tuning frequency
• Backlit LCD display
• The sound level regulation
• Compressor, expander, 2 squelch
• Independent balanced outputs XLR and summing unbalanced Jack 6,3
• Level of balanced outputs 300mV, asymmetric +_ 150mV, balanced 10kohl
• Independent squelch setting for each channel
• Frequency of work 750-780 Hz in maximum of 100 available frequencies. It eliminates problems with interruptions of wireless systems as well as in the others wireless systems working at the same time. Frequency settings can be done manually by choosing one of the 100 channels frequencies from transmitter or receiver. The settings can be done automatically by searching for free frequency and synchronize it with infrared.
• Infrared transmitter
• Band width<200kHz
• Audio bandwidth 35-16000Hz
• Stability of frequency +-0,005%
• FM modulation
• THD<0,5%
• Dynamic >100dB
• S/N >90dB
• Removed aerials with BNC plug
• Handle for receivers for 19”wardrobe rack” installation
• Supply power ( in set) DC 13-18V/0,5A
• Metal suitcase for transport
• Dimensions 420*41*(1V)*205m
• Weight 1,8kg

Clip-on microphone
• Electrodynamic insert with cardioid characteristics
• Switch off button
• LCD backlit display
• Output power indicator, channel number, frequency or battery charge level
• Hidden buttons for frequency choice among 100 channels and other parameters
• 100m outside reception
• Output power 5/10mW
• Audio bandwidth 35-16000HZ
• THD<0,5%
• Dynamic >100d3
• S/N >90dB
• Color rubber band to distinguish different microphones
• Power supply 2*1,5V, AA batteries, batteries life for approximately 6 hours
• Dimensions fi 50*263mm
• Weight 0,36kg.

Clip – on, lapel and head set microphones set

• switching off, sensitivity regulation buttons
• backlit LDC display
• LED supply indicator
• Output power indicator, channel number, frequency and battery charge level
• Hidden buttons for choosing the frequency among 100 channels and other parameters
• 100m outside reception
• Audio bandwidth 35-16000Hz
• THD<0,5%
• Dynamic > 90dB
• S/N >90dB
• Infrared receiver
• Supply power 2*1,5V, AA batteries, batteries life 6 hours
• Mini plug XLR3 for headset or lapel microphone
• Dimensions 66*107*21 mm
• Weight 0,08kg


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