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Sound systems for promotion trucks.

The sound system set for promotion truck includes 2 horn speakers and a power amplifier with 12V voltage from vehicle installation. The wireless/wired microphone portable MP3 player can be plugged into this set. This sound set includes also a power cord, cable for cigarette lighter and a speaker wire.
This set includes:
• JPA 1025 1 item
• SC 35 AH 2items
• A plug with cable for cigarette lighter 1m. 1 item
• Speaker wire 2mb.

Technical parameters:
JPA 1025 power amplifier
Power: 25kW/4 Ohm
1 input MIC Jack 6.3, unbalanced
1 input Aux Jack 6.3 unbalanced, RCA
Built-in siren
Input regulation level: microphone, line
Power source: AC/DC 12V and 230 V/50 Hz
Transition band: 50-15.000 Hz
Distortions 1%/ 1 kHz
Dimensions: 155*147*65mm
Weight: 1,33kg.

Horn speakers SC-35 AH
Power: 30W
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Transition band: 200-11.000 HZ
Effectiveness: 106 dB/1W, 1m
White ABS material
Choice power
IP 66
Handle regulation
Dimensions 284*205*285mm
Weight: 2 kg.

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