In case of speakers damage ,there is not necessary to buy a new set or looking for a nearby service. In this situation you can turn to our company. We professionally regenerate single speakers.
It is widely known that Tonsil brand produce all columns elements. The whole production process, starting from coil, come, suspension, spider, plate speaker, core, chassis and the speaker housing takes place in one manufacturing plant in Września. We take control over the whole production process. We offer the repair and the regeneration of damaged speakers with technological regime which is not able to be done by small local workshops. It is very important to demagnetize the damaged speaker before regeneration and magnetize it in a professional way. It is very important process because only in this way the magnetic circuit slit can be cleaned in a right way. It influences on the sound quality and the speaker lifespan. When you entrust us the speaker repair, you can be sure that in production line there will be applied only the original parts and the assembly will be done by professional and competent workers. The average time of repair is estimated from 5 to 7 working days. We repair not only the Tonsil speakers, but also speakers from the other brands. All the regeneration services are under the 12- month warranty.
Marek Dutkiewicz, Tonsil technical director .