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The Tonsil plant has started the production of columns for audiophiles. The set has been designed with Russel Kaufman contribution.


Russel Kaufman, the technical director and the manager of acoustic construction in Morel company, having over 30 –year- experience in Hi-Fi branch. He worked for companies such as: Wharefedale, Monitor, Audio, Browwers and Wilkings. It was his idea to construct “high end” model of “Fat Lady” columns, distinguished with innovation cover made entirely of carbon fiber. He has been awarded with design rewards for all over the world.
Tis time Russel Kaufman actively participated in construction of first series of Tonsil High End Golden line set. This decision has been made with a view of demanding listeners.
At the same time we have been working on new types of popular HI-Fi sets.
The first series of Golden Line – Omega model is three-way set with a very interesting construction in closed housing. The columns are black, varnished with dynamic as well as full of dignity design with great amount of equipped speakers. Each column has got 10 speakers. For this Omega model there have been designed 15 -centimeters subwoofers with appropriate Thiela –Smalla parameters. In a single device there have been installed 8 such speakers symmetrically to each other, 4 speakers in the screen and 4 on the back wall of housing.. Additionally there has been also installed 15cm mid woofer which is situated in the special chamber with occluding element which does not allow to create the standing waves.
The Omega set has also a tweeter which fulfils the whole sound. The beauty of design is also highlighted by the way in which the speakers are installed- inside of the housing with designed openings. There have been also installed the unique way of suppressing which reduces the speaker vibrations.

Available colours:


 Black Gloss

 White Gloss

Rated Power 

500 W
30 - 25 000 Hz
92 dB  
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