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Designing the new model of the Tonsil Pulse columns, we took into account every detail that can has any influence on the final sound quality. The asymmetric location of the tweeters allows for significant reduction of harmful diffraction phenomena and the slope of the housing equalize the acoustic centres. The tweeters and subwoofers applied in the Pulse model are specially modified units with a very linear characteristic of processing and a low harmonic distortion, allowing to apply mild filtration. Designing the crossover network, each of its variants, except for the necessary measurements, was verified with long listening sessions. The final crossover  in the Pulse model is based on real first class filters. The tweeter, without a serial resistor, can “breathe freely” and show even  the tiniest detail in the musical signal. The incredible phases coherence of the mildly filtered loudspeakers results in extraordinary and deep acoustic stage with precise layout of spatial effects. The pulse can reflect the atmosphere of  jazz or classical music and its elegant and stylish design makes it a real decoration of the audio room. Both the highest-level performance  with the use of only natural veneers, as well as great sound makes Tonsil Pulse a true bargain in its price range.

Available colours:




bleached oak


Rated power
Maximal power
Transmission band
Dimensions [W x H x D]
60 W
120 W
44 - 22 000 Hz
190 x 960 x 250 mm
GDN 17/50/6 F 4Ω
GDWK 10/80/19 8Ω 

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