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Siesta Gloss

The high – gloss varnish column. The design of the new Siesta series allows to receive a very neutral and coherent sound, preserving an affordable price. They are built in d’Appolito configuration, i.e. the tweeter is located between two subwoofers with parallel connection. The scrupulously designed crossover network allowed to obtain ideal phase coincidence in the band of converter cooperation (1500 -4000 Hz) which resulted in a very coherent and neutral sound, with properly reflected spatial information. An additional advantage of this configuration is the creation of a symmetric source of sound due to which any change in the location of the listener in the vertical plane does not cause significant changes in the tone quality. The sets use the new version of the tweeter, where a textile cone is installed as well as a very light aluminium coil and magnetic circuit with increased induction in the slit. The subwoofer is a new version with ventilated magnetic system. The hard glass fibre cone allows to obtain precise and fast sound, however it requires a very well designed crossover network. The subwoofers operate in separate chambers tuned to 90 and 45 Hz frequencies. This allowed to obtain precise and low bass. The column sound is vivid, with energetic bass.

Available colors:


white gloss

black gloss

Rated power
Maximal power
Transmission band
Dimensions [W x H x D]
100 W
200 W
6 Ω
45 - 25 000 Hz
200x1200x240 mm
20 kg
2 x GDN 15/40/5 8Ω
GDWK 10/80/26 8Ω 

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